Operation Parameters:
Pressure: 0 ~ 2.0 MPa
Temperature: - 20 ~ 180 ºC
Linear Speed: 20 m/s or less
Pressure of Cooling Water: 0.1 to 0.3 MPa
Solid Capacity: 25% or less
Rotary Ring Face: SiC/TC
Stationary Ring Face: SiC/TC
Elastomers: Viton/EPDM/Aflas/PTFE/FFKM
Springs: SS304/SS316/HC-276
Metal Parts: 410S/SS304/SS316/SS316L/2205/2507
Mediums: oil, water, paper pulp, cypsum slurry, acid, alkali, solvents and other solid particle and high viscosity mediums.